What You’ve Tweeted about the Past Year via Tweet Cloud

Via Tweet Cloud, here’s what I’ve been tweeting about the past year:

According to Tweet Cloud, these are my most frequently used words:

  1. innovation
  2. blog
  3. post
  4. social
  5. thanks
  6. reading
  7. enterprise
  8. spigit
  9. friendfeed
  10. google
  11. people
  12. time
  13. cool
  14. tweet
  15. media
  16. tweets
  17. software
  18. business
  19. ideas
  20. love
  21. nice
  22. hamel
  23. yeah
  24. search
  25. facebook
  26. idea
  27. companies
  28. management
  29. company
  30. world

Surprises? Google coming in at #10. I love Google, but surprised I’ve mentioned them that much. And the amount of “positivity” in my tweets: “thanks”, “nice”, “cool”, “love”. You won’t see “hate” making the top 30.

Check yours out at Cloud Tweet. Heads up – it will automatically post a link to your tweet cloud on your Twitter account. This bugs many people who do not like the automatic nature of tweets on their behalf.