Email’s New Freight – Posting to Social Sites

This post is a test of something I have not yet tried with posting by email. It’s meant to be mostly an experiment.

But it’s also a realization that in a mobile world, email has a new found importance. Delivering social content payloads.

In a separate effort, I’m trying to get things done (GTD!) with my iPad versus my laptop. I’m curious how much one can get done.

One thing I want to do is to write a blog post. Surprisingly difficult! doesn’t fully function on Safari (where is that scroll bar to get to the bottom of my post???), and the wordpress iPad (er…iPhone) app is pretty poor. No surprise it only has 2 stars.

However, there is post by email. And to get a photo “out there” to Flickr, you can email it. Who knew? Mobile drives email

One final test. I’m pasting some embed code below. If wordpress accepts it, you’ll see a cool pic from Flickr. If wordpress doesn’t recognize it, you’ll see a bunch of funky code.

Driving Wheels of the Frisco 4500

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