My Ten Favorite Tweets – Week Ending 112709

From the home office at a White House state dinner where I just wandered in uninvited…

#1: Time Magazine – The ’00s: Goodbye (at Last) to the Decade From Hell

#2: Does driving adoption mean being off the point? by @bduperrin Good riff on @rotkapchen‘s #e2conf proposal #e20

#3: Remember when Facebook’s Moskovitz left to start a #e20 company ( Asana just closed $9m

#4: RT @merigruber 3 Engaging Platforms – Seriosity, @Spigit, @LithiumTech – New Blog Post: #BizEx #Funware #e20

#5: These are some great drawings that illuminate the issues: Eight Ways to Kill an Idea #innovation

#6: NYT: The Influence of Zealous Employees There’s value in gap betw employees’ & customers’ view of firm (h/t @DUrbaniak)

#7: One of the better explanations of “design thinking”: Design Thinking + Innovation #innovation

#8: Does Super-High IQ= Super-Low Common Sense? Answer? Yes – read about the Clever Sillies

#9: RT @KathySierra: Great writers, teachers, filmmakers, parents, developers, artists… all share a common practice: strategic unhelpfulness.

#10: – Every word is misspelled on this sign, but you’ll read it easily


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