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Here’s a quick post about a service we use at Spigit, and that I’ve been digging a lot: LeadLander. LeadLander tracks hits to your website. And I love the data.

I’m not exactly a website SEO expert…OK, I’m not one at all. I see some pretty nice stats for this WordPress.com blog. That’s about the extent of my awareness.

So seeing what data is available is a revelation to me. And as I journey further into my marketing role, I’m coming to appreciate these stats tremendously.

Here’s what LeadLander gives you:

  • Name of companies that visit your site
  • How they got there
  • What pages they clicked
  • Most frequent search terms
  • Country counts for visitors
  • IP geolocation
  • Contacts

It’s that first item up there, the name of the company where the traffic came from, that is most addicting. You can see which companies are interested in what you offer, and how they found out about you.

As I said, I’m relatively new to this website analytics world. But LeadLander has proven to be highly valuable to us in terms of B2B marketing.  For a discussion about LeadLander, and other providers, check out this LinkedIn thread.


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3 Responses to LeadLander – Great Traffic Referral Tracking Service

  1. C Jeffers says:

    Check Out VisitorTrack – (http://www.Visitor-Track.com)

    This product provides the most information about the anonymous website visitor available.

    Includes full Contacts integration with Jigsaw Data, so you can get actual names, phone numbers and email addresses of the execs you target.

    VisitorTrack also the most flexible reporting and instant eMail Alerts features.

  2. Engago team says:

    IP geolocation gives you the Internet connection point. What Sales needs is the actual location of the PC.
    Try http://www.LEADSExplorer.com for a change.

    It gives more visit data by visitor and by visiting company.
    And a worldwide data base.

  3. Deb E. says:

    LeadLander is, indeed, a solid and useful application. The data is very valuable in mining information about who is visiting your website and what data they are looking at. VisitorTrack is also a useful application that provides contacts for the companies that are visiting your website, though not necessarily the actual site visitors. BEWARE the VisitorTrack pricing model though. Make sure you understand all the TERMS upfront and get a reputable sales agent. We got burned with VisitorTrack and will not use them again.

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