My Ten Favorite Tweets – Week Ending 030609

From the home office in Damascus, Syria….

#1: Twitter has another huge growth month in February, per

#2: It always cracks me up when people say Twitter is nothing more than glorified IRC ( Most people I know never used IRC

#3: A lot of posts like this lately: “Twitter destined to replace Google Search” Some truth, but overstated.

#4: On Enterprise 2.0: “There is a big difference between an integrated user experience and a suite.” ReadWriteWeb

#5: Flashes of insight cannot be willed, they are spontaneous – Willam Duggan, Strategic Intuition

#6: Visa commercial uses Smashing Pumpkins “Today” as its theme. Visa gains some cool points.

#7 Anyone remember the Nestea Plunge? I have this game with my 4 y.o. son where I catch him falling backwards. Call it the Nestea Plunge.

#8: Just want to note for the record…last night’s ’24’ was great. The show is strong this season.

#9: I miss the plastic bags we’d get from grocery stores here in SF. They were perfect for the little trash cans around the house. #ecoprogress

#10: My 4 y.o. son Harrison is a huge fan of the PBD Kids website Well done, incl. games with his fave PBS characters.


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