Quick Hack for a Twitter Follow Bug

There is a bug in Twitter that causes you to be unable to follow specific, random people. What happens is you click the ‘Follow’ button on a person’s homepage, and you get a message telling you that you’re not allowed to. Or possibly the page just hangs up, without letting you follow.

Jeremy Schultz and I had this issue. We were following one another when one day we noticed that we…weren’t. We’d been involuntary unfollowed from one another.

So we each tried to follow each other again, only to be frustrated by our inability to do so. Neither of us had problems following others.

Then one day, I saw Shel Israel tweet this:

Amazingly, having @cheeky_geeky, block, then unblock me allows me to follow him. @biz please note. Thx, whoever made the recco.

I sent that tweet to Jeremy. He then blocked me on Twitter, then unblocked me. He then reported

@bhc3 It worked! Blocked, unblocked, follow, success. Thanks!

And I’m able to follow him as well.

So there’s your hack to deal with this problem should you encounter it.