Angels and Demons of Our Social Media Souls

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

angels-and-demons-of-our-social-media-soulsAngel image: The Angel Whisperer

Devil image: People are the boss


See this post on FriendFeed:


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13 Responses to Angels and Demons of Our Social Media Souls

  1. Matthew Ray says:

    That was clever. Good delineation between Marketers and Conversationalist.

    I notice myself straddling the lines between marketing a new service and finding leads to also caring about what other people are posting and engaging.

    Can one do both and not be seen as one or the other?

  2. dougcornelius says:

    A daily battle.

    I blog for me and do not care if anyone reads.

    But I check Google Analytics daily and am thrilled when someone links to a blog post.

    Am I sharing or just showing off?

    Alas, the demons.

  3. Michael Fidler says:

    I know it’s over used but, I was lol at this post. It’s funny, but so true. There is definitely a gray area in between these two types of users(not Louis Gray). You do characterize things pretty well though. I’m still laughing.

  4. Louis Gray says:

    The answer, as always, is BOTH!

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  7. ex-digger says:

    Funny how this was submitted by a (former?) digg Power User as they would clearly choose the devil side of this tape, hence marketing themselves as ‘social media consultants/gurus/experts/evangelists/etc’ and that is precisely what destroyed everything good about digg.

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  9. Excellent post, short and to the point, we should all have this chart nailed to the wall…a great reminder whenever we are tempted by the dark side 🙂

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