The Correlation of Tweets to Twitter Followers

Courtesy of TweetStats and TwitterCounter, plus a little email surveying,  I was able to put together the graph below for my Twitter account.


Fascinating. Simple relationship:

more tweets = more followers

Correlation coefficient (on only 5 observation points) of 0.99.

DISCLAIMER: The results here are for example only, and may not represent your actual mileage. If you only tweet  simple grunts or what you’re eating for lunch, you’re not likely to experience an increase in followers. It helps if you’ve got another place where you’re sharing your thoughts, such as a blog, or you’re already well-known elsewhere, such as being a CEO or an NBA player. And it probably helps if your tweets are on topics that a lot of other Twitterers are interested in. Finally, you must give to get, so follow and engage others you find interesting.


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