Karl Rove Is on Twitter

Everyone’s favorite White House adviser, Karl Rove, is now on Twitter: KarlRoveChannel

UPDATE:  Karl Rove has gotten more real. He’s dropped the “Channel” part of his Twitter handle. Now he’s just: KarlRove

Naturally, when  you hear something like this, you want proof. You can see people wondering about this on this FriendFeed entry about this. And here’s a great write up from the #TCOT Report. Below is a screen shot from Rove’s own website:


So what is he tweeting? Here are a couple tweets.

#1: I2 Debate: Is George W. Bush the worst American President of the last 50 years? http ://tinyurl.com/7pvwxh

I’ve got to give him credit for tweeting something like that. Even if he is on the show where they discuss it.

#2: @livedesk I give the IL House points for speed although they should have worked this fast on setting a special elect ion to fill the vacancy.

Again, that was a fairly neutral observation.

It’s early for Karl, we’ll see how long he stays with this. Looks serious about it. And he will of course be the recipient of a lot of slams. Of course, he can just not follow people and block as needed.

Very cool in general – he’s not just talking to people in the TV studios.


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4 Responses to Karl Rove Is on Twitter

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  2. Pat Guffy says:

    ..wish Karl would crawl back under that slimey rock from wence he and that other idiot from texas..the stammeruing stupid one..the one that wimpered “he trad ta keel mah Daddy”

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  4. decidavenceragora says:

    Great post, i’ve already subscribed to your feed. thanks

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