What Interactions Do You Want from Social Media?

Mapping the different social media interactions to human anatomy:

Now…where to go to get those interactions? An incomplete list follows.

Ideas, opinion, information:

  • FriendFeed
  • Twitter

Share photos, videos

  • Flickr
  • SmugMug
  • Zoomr
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • FriendFeed

Music you like:

  • Last.fm

Chit chat

  • Twitter

What are you feeling?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

What are you doing?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • FriendFeed
  • Upcoming

What are you eating?

  • Twitter

Where are you?

  • Brightkite
  • Twitter

Personally, my interest is in ideas, opinions and information. But some photos and chit chat are also nice.

How about you?

I’m @bhc3 on Twitter.



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14 Responses to What Interactions Do You Want from Social Media?

  1. Eric Kerr says:

    Twitter has one feature and its on arguably every list. (“Listening to…” for music && links to youtube/images)

  2. Shey says:

    Great diagram Hutch 🙂

  3. fpettit says:

    I like the stick figure. That is a cool graphic.

  4. @Eric – Twitter and FriendFeed both have that. FriendFeed lets me see people’s Last.fm selections. But I wanted to talk about where the relative strengths of the different social media companies are.

  5. @Shey, Franklin – you like the high-end professional graphics employed around here? This blog prides itself on bringing you the finest graphics anywhere.

  6. markdykeman says:

    Very good!

  7. aureliusmaximus says:

    Love the stick man – Great breakdown!

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  9. Love the representation of user needs via the diagram

  10. Beverly says:

    The graphic is outstanding! Kudos to you!

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  12. Mark W says:

    Love the graphic. I would add Kutano to the list of where to go for ideas, information adn opinions. It’s new but it’s cool.

  13. Nice post. I think I’ll write a blogpost about my interactions based on your stick figure. Interesting you still use FriendFeed. I love FF, but stopped using it when it was bought by FB and they stopped developping it.

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