Corvida’s Tremendous Perspective on Racist Rants

Corvida posted a response to the racist rants seen recently on a livestream hosted by Wayne Sutton. Is she actually only 20? Her response is tremendous.

Racists have been among us for years, they will be among us for years. Change will come, but it will take a number of generations to get there. We’re only a couple generations removed from the 1960s, when the U.S. civil rights movement changed the landscape.

So what to do in the meantime? I personally don’t like to bring it up a lot. It gives these morons too much of a spotlight. There are times when highlighting racism helps: Jim Crow laws, apartheid or businesses practicing racism. But those are institutions that could be changed by pressure. These are racist cowards living in anonymity, practicing free speech. Our decrying their antics won’t change their minds, or their habits. They will live on to post another day. They always do.

Here’s what Corvida writes:

I grew up in an impoverished neighborhood and I’ve seen racism and discrimination in many forms. I’m black, a female, and also a lesbian. That’s 3 ways to discriminate against me and I’ve experienced all three forms before I hit high school and 2 of them before I hit middle school. I’ve seen family members and friends harassed and killed by racist cops in my neighborhood. What happened in the chatroom is better than most of what I’ve experienced.

That’s the perspective of someone who was the target of these rants. Corvida’s age doesn’t speak to her maturity.

I think moderated comments are the best solution, something Louis Gray advocates. You can’t change the racists’ minds, but you can take away their platforms to spew hate.

But I like to hear from Corvida, Shey and other black bloggers as to what they think will help.


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