Weekly Recap 070408: Identi.ca Nearly Identical

Plenty of buzz about the new microblogging service Identi.ca. Send out public messages of up to 140 characters, and subscribe to others to make sure you see their messages…


Well, a lot like Twitter, but apparently needs some other stuff…@replies seems to be a big one for Twitter phreaks…also Direct Messaging…Corvida’s post seems to lay things out pretty well…

Meanwhile, check out this post by Russell Beatie that predicts scalability issues for Identi.ca given its current architecture…

Finally, check out Erick Schonfeld’s post, The Problem with Identi.ca Is That It Is Not Twitter…money quote…

The bigger problem with Identi.ca is simply that it is not Twitter. However annoying Twitter’s erratic outages may be, it still has the advantage of having many more users than any other competing service.

Another case of Twitter’s Je Ne Sais Quoi


I’ve never said w00t, FTW or pwned


True statement?…

geek > nerd > dork > dweeb > goober


Some interesting discussions around the future of email…Alex Iskold at ReadWriteWeb kicked things off with a post asking if email is in danger…Zoli Erdos said no…Corvida said no

I see the role of email changing…we’ll communicate with others on the various social media platforms, and get notifications of new messages and replies via email….


Zemanta suggestions come through as pingback links…comment #7 in this blog post is a pingback from the site “all-digital-moves”…turns out the link love is thanks to Zemanta, the recommendation widget bloggers can add to their sites…

So the pingback wasn’t something the blogger did, it was an automated recommendation…probably not in keeping with the philosophy of the pingback, but good to know where your blog posts are recommended out there…

Duncan Riley has a nice write-up of Zemanta…


My son’s summer camp teacher just quit the San Francisco JCC to go work in Google’s child development for its employees’ kids…I imagine the comp is better, especially after seeing this New York Times article about the rates for Google day care going up…


Good question: “Why is Gmail still in beta? A friend of mine quipped that ‘Google Beta’ was like a spinoff company.”…


See this post on FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/search?q=%22Weekly+Recap+070408%3A+Identi.ca+Nearly+Identical%22&public=1


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4 Responses to Weekly Recap 070408: Identi.ca Nearly Identical

  1. eng1ne says:

    Agreed that indenti.ca on the surface is similar to twitter, but it’s missing a lot of behind-the-scenes functionality, including XMPP.

  2. Phil – I agree it’s still got things to add. The lack of @replies seems to be the biggest for end users. All in due course. I wonder if Identi.ca is going to run into any patent issues with Twitter?

  3. diggma says:

    Agreed that indenti.ca on the surface is similar to twitter,

  4. Great post…

    thanks for share this.

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