Weekly Recap 050908: LouisGrayCrunched, BitchFeed

The week that was…

“Awesomesauce” “Apple sauce?” “Awesomesauce”…Corvida of SheGeeks.net coined this term, applying it to things she really likes. It’s gaining traction. I saw Alex Williams write it on FriendFeed. Robert Seidman’s thoughts on this? “would not say ‘awsome@^%$!’…speaking of Corvida, congrats on that ReadWriteWeb gig

Louis Gray runs something of a debutante ball for emerging bloggers. Three separate times, he’s run a post that calls out five bloggers to watch (here, here, here). When you get called out, you experience this rush of hits and an increase in blog subscribers. It’s really wild…Colin Walker’s blog was called out. His reaction? “We had the Digg Effect, then the Scobleizer effect but now it’s the Louis Gray effect :)”…Alexander van Elsas blog was called out as well. His reaction? “Thx Louis, its great to hear that there is actually someone reading the stuff ;-)”…I used the term LouisGrayCrunched when this blog got its Louis Gray spotlight. You really can’t believe how his mention changes a blog. I can’t wait to see his June list…if Louis Gray raises a blog like that, I can only imagine what a Scoble callout does…

This exchange is a little dated, but I thought it was funny. Emily Chang is something of a luminary in the web world. I guess she was growing tired of Techmeme. She tweeted this: “techmeme sort of reminds me of a gay bath house”…Did Techmeme Gabe Rivera get pissed? Nah. Tweeted back: “Thanks @emilychang …was getting terribly bored with the ‘echo chamber’ cliché”…

Have you seen people “retweet” on Twitter? It’s a little odd. There’s a couple variations. One is a person reposting something they tweeted earlier. The second is when you pick up someone’s tweet, and broadcast it to your followers…People do wonder about this practice. Shel Israel asks: “Would someone please explain retweeting? Do people retweet when no one responds? I seriously don’t get it.”…

Give credit to Guy Kawasaki, Alltop becomes a badge of honor…the aforementioned Corvida made it on there, as she noted in her blog…Sarah Perez was inducted, also noted on her blog…and Mark Dykeman was added…congrats to all, the recognition is well-deserved…please pass along updates on traffic referrals from Alltop as time goes along, will ya?…

Yahoo…boy oh boy…One thing I admire is that Jerry Yang stuck to his guns through a flurry of criticism. There are good arguments on both sides of the MSFT-YHOO acquisition saga…At business school, they drilled into me the importance of equity holders above all. On that score, Jerry and team really need to come up with a strong plan to get Yahoo moving forard again. Is Yahoo only a couple moves away from getting to $37 per share?…

One thing I did this week was add a FriendFeed link to a blog post…Hey, there was a good discussion going on at FriendFeed! I didn’t want my blog readers to miss it…

Speaking of which, there was a revisit of the dispersed comments issue this week. Quick recap: some bloggers don’t like that comments related to their blog posts are not actually being added to the blog itself. The comments end up on places like FriendFeed. For a recap of the previous flare-up of this issue, see here…The difference this time? The debate didn’t erupt over on Techmeme. It stayed on FriendFeed here…Instead of a Bitchmeme, perhaps we should start talking about a BitchFeed

Alert. Alert. Alert. Robert Scoble is building out his subscriber base in FriendFeed. He issued an open call for new people to whom he should subscribe. Get in now before you hit his limit….Can’t wait to see how this experiment unfolds…


See this item on FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/e/b814ceb3-4359-1cfe-78c7-878e9b72618b


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4 Responses to Weekly Recap 050908: LouisGrayCrunched, BitchFeed

  1. Colin Walker says:

    If you’re retweeting your own it’s normally to hit different time zones, but if you’re retweeting someone else’s its generally becuase it’s something deemed important or good enough that you want to share it with all your followers as well.

  2. Colby Olson says:

    Hi Hutch, Ive spent the last ten minutes or so trying to find some sort of archive for your blog as that I could read your first entries. Im just interested in how you started it up and introduced yourself.

  3. @Colin – thanks for that description of retweeting. The retweet of someone else’s tweet is a really idea.

  4. @Colby – one thing I could use is some sort of month-by-month archive. I think you’d just have to hit the bottom of each page and click “older entries” or something like that. Or, you could to the first blog post and click each subsequent one from there. Here’s the first blog post: https://bhc3.wordpress.com/2008/02/09/feed-the-beast/

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