Who is this guy?

I’m Hutch Carpenter, and this is my blog. If you want to email me, feel free to click the big red email icon. Also, I’m @bhc3 on Twitter.

I’m a Senior Consultant with HYPE Innovation. I  work with companies on excelling at innovation and problem-solving through social and crowdsourcing principles. Develop with each client a rigorous approach to assess, iteratively develop and implement the most promising ideas. Help companies answer the question, “How can we find the best ideas for our strategic and operational challenges, and make them a reality?”

I’m also a big advocate for bringing customers’ needs and wants into the innovation and product development process. I call these jobs-to-be-done, and have written extensively about them on this blog.

Previously, I was VP Product for Spigit (worked there from Mar. 2009 – Sep. 2013). Spigit offered a SaaS innovation management platform for enterprises. The company was acquired by Mindjet in September 2013.


Here’s a bit more of my background:


I got my MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, where I managed to receive the Faculty Award for Academic Excellence awarded to the top 10% of the graduating class. Out of school, I worked my way up to Vice President for Banc of America Securities doing something called syndicated loans. I left BofA in 2000 after the NationsBank acquisition.

Since then, I’ve been deeply involved in the software industry with several interesting companies. My first tech job was with eFinance (now Identrust), where I designed statistical credit scorecards for Hertz Equipment Rental and collections workflow optimization for Automated Data Processing (the folks that handle your paycheck). After eFinance, I spent a couple years with Pay By Touch, where I was the Senior Product Manager for the SmartShop Recommendation System. This system matched shoppers’ purchase histories against a pool of discounts provided by grocers and consumer packaged goods (CPGs) manufacturers. We brought to the offline world of grocery the benefits of recommendation systems that companies like Amazon.com enjoy.

After Pay By Touch, I worked with BEA Systems as a Senior Product Marketing Manager for its Enterprise 2.o products. It’s that job that made me start blogging on February 9, 2008, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

After Oracle bought BEA Systems, I went to work for Connectbeam, as a Senior Product Manager, a job I got through social media. Connectbeam ties together the social software applications of companies, adding a new layer of value to them and increasing their adoption.

I don’t talk about hard core tech stuff here like php or dojo, but I do enjoy exploring the functionality of apps and thinking about their business aspects.

There’s a simple categorization scheme on this blog: ‘geek‘ or ‘mba‘. The category cloud on the right side of each page will guide you to posts for either one.


43 Responses to Who is this guy?

  1. jeff heimann says:

    yo what up Hutch? like your blog… couple things you missed about Atari though – Pacman and Pitfall (activision / Intellivision first, but Atari version not that bad) and looking at the pictures of the available games on the box. oh, and I also had the trash 80. parsec and early days of basic programming. fun stuff!

    Hope all is well. Say hi to Mylene for me.


  2. Carey Blackstone (aka, CB) says:


    Hey – I got your blog website address from a recent Darden email you sent out. I am in SF every weekend these days, as my significant other lives there. If you & Mylene are still in SF, let me know. Sue & I would love to meet up for dinner.

    Carey (CB) Blackstone

    • Matt Tice says:


      Love this blog! We do a lot of innovation work in APAC, and and your company keeps coming up, would be great to

      Just thought I would drop a line. CB would love to catch up.

  3. Jason Taylor says:


    Are you getting this? I’d really like to ask you some questions about PBT . I really need to know. Please reply!

    – How did PBT save merchants $0.40 – 0.50 per transaction? Did PBT have their own payment gateway? How else?

    – Was their business model solid, but their failure was John Rogers poor spending?

    – If they hadn’t have spent so much money on their large acquisitions such as BioPay, ATM Direct and S & H Solutions do you think they would have lasted?

    – Why did they purchase these other companies? To get greater market share and eliminate possible competition??? Why?

    Sincerely, please respond. If you don’t know the answers could you direct me to someone that might?

    Jason Taylor

  4. pico says:

    Hi Hutch

    I like to inform you a blog of my co-worker which similar to your blog title. http://trustmeiamnotageek.com. He’s not much a pro blogger though.. I just found it funny that few don’t like to be recalled as geek. 🙂

    by the way, I enjoyed your posts very much.

  5. bhc3 says:

    Hi Pico –

    Nice to meet you, and I like your site. I read your Friendster post. I need to learn more about Friendster (Asia), Bebo (Europe), Orkut (Brazil) and other social networks outside of the USA.

    Your friend’s website name is too funny. I’m geeky, but not a geek (at least in the Silicon Valley sense). But I do maintain a “geek” category here on the blog.

  6. Julie Murray says:

    We are old and do not understand. What language do you speak?

  7. Netty Gritty says:

    Hi hutch,
    I like this blog! 😀

    I have a light-hearted blog about web stuff – maybe you can visit it some day?

  8. jeroendemiranda says:

    Hi Hutch, nice following each other on twitter! regards, Jeroen

  9. Pilgrim Five says:

    Hutch, I just loved the title of this post, “I’m Not Actually A Geek”.
    I’m not either, and I’ve thought of signing off Twitter and FriendFeed because I’m not. However, one of my better parts said, I’m just following people I dig. So, I’m not signing off any time soon. Best, pilgrim5

  10. Puneet Gupta says:

    Would love to connect with you and discuss some ideas.

  11. Hutch,

    I never called myself a Geek, -maybe- because too many guys pretend to be ‘real’ Geeks. But I always knew I was one.. maybe a proud one in fact, depends of my mood.

    After havin been called ‘Geek’ by some Malagasy bloggers, I decided to pass the ‘Geek Test’… so with 29% I’m a ‘Total Geek’! okay, so what? 😉 Actually, it doesn’t change anything in my life.

    And you, Hutch, are you sure “you’re not actually a Geek”?

    See ya,

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  13. Mark Koenig says:

    Hutch – Congrats on your new position. Would love to connect with you as part of a research program I am doing on Enterprise Social Computing.

  14. Vickie says:

    Hutch, found your blog quite by accident. Hope you and Mylene & family are doing well. Hopefully we can catch up the next time we are in or passing thru SF. Take care.

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  17. jonathangreenwood says:

    Hey Hutch. Liked the slideshare presentation only I can’t seem to share it or view in a higher resolution. I’m viewing your blog in Safari.

  18. Hi Jonathan –

    Glad you like the SlideShare. The link below will take you to the presentation on the SlideShare site:


    If you want, you can download the source PowerPoint there as well.


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  23. samiakhan says:

    Your blog is what I aspire to achieve. Guide me, please! http://geekin6weeks.com

  24. Hey there Hutch… Would love to connect – was referred to you by Braden Kelley and am intensely interetsted in having you join us at our upcoming Open Innovation Summit… Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you to the growing fold…


  25. Hey, Hutch,
    I enjoyed meeting you and enjoy your blog entries. I couldn’t agree more about the need for companies to fully adopt rather than do so piecemeal. I’ve all too often seen companies adopt idea management for a group here and a group there, without a full adoption, and can attest that idea systems, and by extension just about anything, needs to achieve a critical mass to be successful, which usually means a full rollout.

  26. йога says:

    Hi Hutch, nice following each other on twitter! regards, Jeroen

  27. Hi there,

    I just checked out your “Four Quadrants of Innovation” page and found it very interesting. So much so that I decided it would be a nice as a link on my blog page (24298ideas.wordpress.com). I hope that is alright. If you have any problems with that please let me know and I will happily remove the link. My endeavor is ideas, I am glad to see that you and the company you work for try hard to be innovative and creative~ keep it up!


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  30. Dennis Brown says:

    Just a quick thank you for the article on Christensen’s work on disruption in the steel industry. I’d read the book, but your article was still an eye-opener. Thanks for taking the time.

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  37. loog5566 says:

    do you have the chrome app for google + ?

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