My Ten Favorite Tweets – Week Ending 031910

From the home office on Capitol Hill, where I’m pushing hard this weekend to get the historic Potty Parity Act passed for this great nation of ours…

#1: RT @louisgray The SXSW Keynote With Ev Williams You Really Wanted to See

#2: Enterprise 2.0: efficiency, effectiveness, blame and responsibility by @dahowlett > and thx for the shout-out Dennis

#3: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Enterprise 2.0 ROI (via Spigit blog) #e20 #innovation

#4: Lessons from a Middle-Aged Revolutionary at W.L. Gore by Gary Hamel #e20 #innovation #yam

#5: A Collection of 50+ Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies and Examples from @jacobm

#6: RT @lindegaard Nine Tips for Open Innovation | 15inno

#7: The Perils of Market Research – BusinessWeek > “Market research is a compass, not a map” #innovation

#8: The fallacy in thinking of Gen Y as “digital natives” | The Economist

#9: My 5 y.o. son is asking me if I can connect my laptop to the “Albert server” of his school. He’s 5! How does he know about servers?

#10: RT @zackperry Crap I totally just got owned by a group of preschoolers who refused to move off the sidewalk and made me walk in the grass


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