Noted: Innovation Management races past Enterprise 2.0

I belong to two groups on FriendFeed, Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation Management. These groups track tweets and Delicious bookmarks related to their respective topics. The Enterprise 2.0 Group was set up in June 2008, meaning it’s about 15 months old.  The Innovation Management Group was set up July 24, 2009, meaning it’s  about 1 1/2 months old.

So the Enterprise 2.0 Group has a 13 1/2 month head start in terms of attracting members.

Which makes this all the more remarkable:

Innovation Mgt vs E2.0 - FriendFeed GroupsThe Innovation Management Group tied the Enterprise 2.0 Group in membership last Friday (9/4/09). It now has 607 subscribers vs. 590 in the Enterprise 2.0 Group.



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3 Responses to Noted: Innovation Management races past Enterprise 2.0

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  2. Sameer Patel says:

    Innovation management is purpose driven with a home in the typical enterprise. E2.0 is somewhat of an orphan where even the cheerleaders cant agree on a definition.

    • Too funny Sameer. The thought also occurred to me to that innovation is a specific purpose, and one that seems to be increasing in interest. Maybe a good comp is a knowledge management room?

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