I’m Doubling Down My Subscriptions Because of FriendFeed Lists

As discussed here before, FriendFeed’s beta version includes the ability to tag users, putting them in different Lists you create. You can create your own programming channels.

I’m loving this feature.

One effect for me has to been to add subscriptions left and right. Why? Two reasons:

  1. Now that I’ve got themed Lists, I want there to be some good content in them! Right now, I’m subscribing to a lot of FriendFeeders who are into Enterprise 2.0 or who have an amazing eye for pictures.
  2. Managing a high flow of content is a lot easier. You can take users out of your Home feed, and tag them into different Lists. Check the Lists at your leisure, and you can see content for many, many more people. It doesn’t all just go flying by you.

Here’s my rendition of how Lists have changed the FriendFeed experience:

How about you? You started your Lists yet?


See this post on FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/search?q=%22I%E2%80%99m+Doubling+Down+My+Subscriptions+Because+of+FriendFeed+Lists%22&public=1


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10 Responses to I’m Doubling Down My Subscriptions Because of FriendFeed Lists

  1. pixelbits says:

    Hutch. Those illustrations = GOLD

    And to answer your question, I prefer hodge-podge and do not separate any of my subscriptions. My feed is in various languages, myriad subject matters, and a cornucopia of phenomenal visuals. It’s like the Internet is flowing right in front of me, as opposed to me wading through it. 🙂

  2. markdykeman says:

    Admit it – you are a big geek. Who else would come up with that kind of diagram?


  3. Hutch – Did Mona draw those??

  4. Mathieu Ayel says:

    Hutch, you are absolutely spot on. I am loving the lists too and it really is the major improvement of the beta.

  5. Elliott Ng says:

    Hutch sorry i still don’t get it. I WANT to manage the FF noise better but not sure where to start. I guess I’m just a dumb user. 🙂

  6. Nice diagrams! Haha. Sweet.

  7. Thanks everyone – yes, I am a geek. At least when it comes to these drawings.

  8. I just created my first list this morning, as sort of an experiment. I created a list of the top five “people who find me interesting,” and I’ve included not only their postings, but their likes and comments.

    I call the list “SallyField.”

  9. Kyle Lacy says:

    Hey Hutch! Great post and amazing graphics. I love it!

    I just started organizing my FriendFeeders into lists. When started to get close to 400 people I was following it started getting pretty muddled on that front page.

    It is a great way to separate based on content.

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