FriendFeed’s Progress Out of the A-Listers’ Garage

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One of the earlier complaints about FriendFeed is that it is primarily the playground of the early adopter set, particularly the A-Listers. Remember the recent discussion around Allen Stern’s post about FriendFeed’s recommended members? That they are so heavily weighted toward the top A-Listers? Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, Steve Rubel, etc…

Well, over the past month or so, I’ve noticed a trend where sub-groups are forming and are very interactive with one another. And these groups don’t have A-Listers.

This is healthy.

If FriendFeed is to grow, it will have to get beyond being dominated by A-Listers with their large number of subscribers.

The post that prompted me to realize this was by Morgan on FriendFeed:

My Friendfeed compatibility 3 months later – an evolution

He added his graphs which show other FriendFeed members with whom he shares the most Likes. The blue chart on top is today, the green chart from three months ago:

Notice the change? Three months ago, his experience on FriendFeed was dominated by the A-Listers: Scoble, Michael Arrington, Chris Brogan, Loic LeMeur, etc…

But now look. Today, he tends to track more closely with everyday folks on FriendFeed. One person in that blue pie chart, Kyle Lacy, has even started a Facebook group for his friends: The FriendFeed Night Crew (click here to see the group logo on FriendFeed).

This is just one sub-group of which I’m aware. I’m sure there are others.

Consider this a small marker of FriendFeed’s progress out of the A-List garage.


See this item on FriendFeed:


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6 Responses to FriendFeed’s Progress Out of the A-Listers’ Garage

  1. Kyle Lacy says:

    Aren’t we all part of the alist group now? 🙂 Thanks for mention Hutch!

  2. Morgan says:

    Hey Hutch – thanks for picking this up and extending it! I think it’s a very exciting and as you say healthy progression for the site. I’m much happier with the “Blue” chart – it represents real interactions and relationships rather than simple fanboyism (i just made that up). I agree with you – an important progression/evolution and a great post on the idea.

  3. Rahsheen says:

    Definitely nothing against the A-list folks, but FriendFeed is eons more exciting, fun and interesting when the FF Night Crew is in full effect.

  4. markdykeman says:

    That reminds me that I need to change my bookmark so I’m permanently using the beta version of FF

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