What Are the Top-Ranked Search Keywords for Your Blog?

Just going through the blog stats after a week off. I noticed my blog post about Facebook’s new newsfeed getting a lot of hits via search.

Just for the heck of it, I figured I’d list some of the search terms that rank my blog pretty highly in Google search results (note my rankings are as of 3 pm on August 10, 2008; the rankings seem to fluctuate a fair amount):

1. “Farewell email“: My blog post How to Write a Farewell Email to Your Co-Workers usually ranks in the top 5, and often is #1.

2. “Pay By Touch“: Two blog posts make it into the top 5 results: Pay By Touch & the Peanut Butter Manifesto, Farewell, Pay By Touch, Farewell.

3. “Facebook slow“: The post Facebook’s New Newsfeed: Slow. Over-engineered. I Like It. has climbed to #5 in the search results for this term.

4. “Should I buy an iPhone“: Shockingly, Should I Buy the Apple 3G iPhone of the Nokia N95? comes in at #7 in response to that search term.

5. “Blog aggregators“: Coming in at #4 for that search term is Explosion of the Blog Aggregators…How to Keep Up.

That’s not a complete list, I’m sure. But some that I’m currently seeing in terms of traffic.

As an aside, compare the search terms where my blog ranks highly to my tag cloud:

There’s something of a disconnect, as you’ll notice lots of FriendFeed, Twitter, blog and social media posts. Those posts don’t receive quite the same search engine positioning. But they are very popular topics written about by many others.

Me? I’ve just happened to land a few hits for less popular blogging topics. And the iPhone search engine ranking probably resulted from a fortuitous link from MacSurfer.com, which gave it good link juice.

How about your blog? What are your blog’s top search terms?


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4 Responses to What Are the Top-Ranked Search Keywords for Your Blog?

  1. markdykeman says:

    blog ideas AND blog post ideas are my top two

  2. dempsey775 says:

    Number 3 for Spider Pig MP3
    Number 1 for s60v3
    Number 6 for wordpress subdomain plugin

    I also have a lot of rankings for a lot of variations of the first two as well.

  3. Nick Cowie says:

    These are mine (top 5 terms, all ranked 1 to 5 for those terms), 3 relate to a post on the subject, “google analytics mobile” relates to a simple tip for mobile stats on your site, check the screen size. The two html button relates to S5 presentation on the button element I gave 3 years ago. 8em well that was a post on elastic layouts and that was a measurement used in an example.

    faux columns
    google analytics mobile
    html button padding
    nokia bh501
    button html

  4. Nick Cowie says:

    The two odd search terms I rank highly on are “rosemary beads” and “hoovers”. Both getting into Google top ten, with photos of local bands I took years ago with those names.

    But hardly anybody clicks of those search results 🙂

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