Experiment: Stream All FriendFeed Entries with Selected Keywords into Rooms

With the new ability to pipe feeds directly into Rooms, I wanted to try something new. Why not pipe all FriendFeed entries with a keyword into a particular room? In doing this, you can expand the Room’s content to include more than just what its member share.

What do I mean? Here’s an example. I’ve set up a Room called “Enterprise 2.0”. I searched on the ‘everyone’ tab for the term “enterprise 2.0”. I turned the search into a feed, and added that URL to the Enterprise 2.0 Room. Voila! I’m now channeling all FriendFeed entries with the term into the room, not just the stuff that is re-shared by individuals.

Here’s how you do that, courtesy of Mark Krynsky at lifestream blog. Run a search. At the end of the URL for the search, add this


So an atom feed of a search for “enterprise 2.0” looks like this:


I set this up for a couple other rooms as well:

The biggest concern is that for high volume topics (e.g. “FriendFeed”), you’ll overwhlem all Room members’ FriendFeed streams. But more specialized topics, it’s a great way to capture content that other FriendFeeders have produced or filtered.

One quirk…I noticed this one entry for Enterprise 2.0 kept repeating itself.

So there was the original entry from Kanwal, a Google Reader share. That entry hit my FriendFeed stream as blog entry I created (the search term feed). Hence the entry “Hutch Carpenter: Enterprise 2.0: Kanwal…” Well, that newly created entry hit my FriendFeed stream. Which in turn became another instance: “Hutch Carpenter: Enterprise 2.0: Hutch Carpenter: Enterprise 2.0: Kanwal…”

As I write this, that’s the only entry showing that behavior, and it has stopped repeating. Let’s hope it doesn’t take down the FriendFeed servers…

So there you have it. I wanted to share this little experiment. A good way to consolidate topical entries into a FriendFeed Room. Especially for those of us too time-pressed to re-share everything.


See this item on FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/search?q=%22Experiment%3A+Stream+All+FriendFeed+Entries+with+Selected+Keywords+into+Rooms%22&public=1


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8 Responses to Experiment: Stream All FriendFeed Entries with Selected Keywords into Rooms

  1. Nice tip – I’ll have to wait until 8PM Wednesday to play around with it – I’m still enjoying my one week vacation from FF

  2. @Julian – you’re going old school here. Google Reader + comment directly on the blog! Glad you like the post.

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