New Kid on the Shortened URL Block:

Quick post. I’m seeing more long URLs shorted with the service I, like most people, use to shorten URLs. It’s great. But if you’re posting a URL on Twitter, those extra few characters in a TinyURL eat into your 140-character limit. goes even further. Here’s an example comparing the two services:

Blog post: FriendFeed RSS Is a Fantastic Discovery Tool

Full URL:

  • 82 characters


  • 25 characters

  • 16 characters

So there’s a pick-up of 9 characters via Can be quite valuable on Twitter, eh?

It doesn’t have a toolbar button, which makes converting URLs really easy with TinyURL. That’d be a nice addition.`

For a nice read on several different URL shorteners, check out Carlo Maglinao’s post on TechBays.


See this item on FriendFeed:


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3 Responses to New Kid on the Shortened URL Block:

  1. Hutch, that’s a smart find. An even shorter url.

    But the services I use to tweet, TwitThis and Mahalo Follow, both use tinyurl. =(


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