Scoble the Twittering Machine

TechCrunch post:

Even Robert Scoble, the biggest Twitter whore on the planet who follows 21,000 people and receives one Tweet per second, can’t deal with it anymore.

My Twitter web page a few minutes ago:


See this item on FriendFeed:


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6 Responses to Scoble the Twittering Machine

  1. dvsjr says:

    Is Scobleizer a well written RSS script? Jesus. I subscribed to his tweets for like 11 minutes. He’s prolific, thats for sure.

  2. anonymous coward says:

    prolific? well, he types a lot. nearly all of what he writes is without value. amazing how the culture has elevated this dude. he’s not an interesting writer or a big thinker.

  3. Scoble = textual vomit.

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  5. Dennis says:

    If you don’t like Scoble, just don’t follow him on your twitter,
    Now that was easy…

    i personally like the way he thinks about technology and puts a human touch in the connections he makes. He is one hell of a social animal…

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