Feed the Beast

My initial foray into blogging. Not sure what form it will take, nor can I establish a consistent theme for it. But the most important thing is to…


Blogs generally will not get much readership. Sad fact. This one may be lucky to get anyone beyond myself. But I know for sure that if the you maintain minimal content, infrequently updated, NO ONE will ever bother. So you need to keep the posts going. Just post, baby! If you do it enough, you’ll find your blog “voice”.

The great thing about Twitter is that it’s quite easy to build up content with those 140-character posts. Don’t overthink it, just type and go. And a hat tip to a blogger I’ve never read before today, Andrew Shuttleworth. His post about just getting going was an inspiration for me to just start writing.

Now, can I hook up my Twitter feeds to post here…?


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3 Responses to Feed the Beast

  1. Erle says:

    It seems as though you are on the right track with this one. I guess this a talent that develops over time. But what do you write about when you are my age? The short term memory goes and you forget what you were writing about. LOL
    Best Wishes

  2. bhc3 says:

    Ah…that’s the nice thing about blogs. You can enter something today, and it lives on even after the short term memory fades. Best to you Erle.

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